Promotieonderzoek “The strategic challenge of social innovation in ports: Strenghtening international competitiveness through innovative human capital strategies”

Onderzoek naar de ontwikkeling en implementatie van innovatieve human capital-gerelateerde strategieën als vorm van sociale innovatie in organisatie- en netwerkniveau (sinds 2017). Dit onderzoek wordt gefinancieerd door SmartPort, een kennissamenwerking met onder andere het Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, de gemeente Rotterdam en ondernemersvereniging Deltalinqs.

The strategic challenge of social innovation in ports: How to increase the international sustainable competitiveness of ports through innovative human capital strategies.

Firms operating perceive technological innovations as important investments not only for gaining a sustainable competitive advantage, but also to prolong with continuous societal changes, shifting geographical borders and new (disruptive) technological developments. Yet, scholars have mentioned that the soft side of innovation – management innovation or social innovation – is the driving force behind better utilization of technological knowledge. In more recent studies, social innovation has been annotated as important antecedent for the sustainable competitive advantage of firms and explains 75% of the firm’s innovation success. In view of that, there is a compelling need to pay attention to the value of human capital. Firms are redesigning human capital strategies in order to develop their human capital as a critical source of sustainable competitive advantage. Innovative human capital strategies are considered to be able to tackle the technological- and societal challenges in a variety of ways. A firm’s sustainable competitive advantage is dependent on its ability to adapt new human capital practices and innovations into ingrained, habitual activities and into the core strategy of the firm. This doctoral research addresses the following research question: How can firms increase their sustainable competitive advantage through innovative human capital strategies? The research includes studies on the enablers and inhibitors of innovative human capital strategies, firm-specific best practices of innovative human capital strategies, and an experimental study of inter-organizational job rotation.

Funding door SmartPort